'Cardio XII' | 16.5x13x9cm
'Cardio XII' | 16.5x13x9cm
Tegan Hamilton

'Cardio XII' | 16.5x13x9cm

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Code: ASGTH1610

Artist: Tegan Hamilton

Title: 'Cardio XII'

Medium: Glass

Size: (HxWxD) -16.5x13x9cm

Year: 2016

By presenting an organ, a fragmentation of the body, the viewer is given a sculpture to examine and decode which gives them another perspective of their own bodies.

Enormous amounts of scientific research and funding have been contributed towards the preservation and maintenance of the human organism. We are at a time in which our society must dedicate as much energy, thought and resources into the greater organism, our planet. This is the heart of the matter.